Sunday, May 2, 2010


had attending 3 short course in 2 days.. haha.. d courses is really pack, excited, enjoyable, n continuous learning..... is great n excellent 4 me!!

1. MRT health seminar
- truly expose us to learn a lot about the important of healthy, and healthy body is come from wat u r consume or eat today!!
- it do mention that it is our responsible to take care our healthy!!
b4 attend this seminar, i was also receive a fact saying that after 18 yrs old, parents was not the 1 who need to take care our healthy any more, but it is WE ourselves that need to take care and concern our healthy..
so start from now, every body are please to take care own health.. either in eating health food, goin for sports..
- cos wen v r in healthy condition, then only v can proceed to any place v wan..
- please don make own self in a terrible health prob, cos it reali will make the person who concern us such like family, relatives, frens etc worry bout us..

2. Dale Carnegie Training
- dis is a leadership training..
-but it teach u alots of own self...
- the 9 principle there is asking u to treat others in dif way, n wen v ourselves start to apply this in our life style, it wil reli reli change the environment and the people around u..
- reli miracle, but it do help wether in mind thinker, creative thinking, leadership, sharing, comunication etc..

3. butterfly. power of water training..
- this training was come with a weird name.. but it is taking about how v connecting ourselves to the power of universal..
- such a interesting training.. haha..

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